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Street Dance 街舞 8-14


  • Starts 10 Aug
  • 230 euroa
  • Aleksis Kiven katu 32, 00510 Helsinki

Available spots

Service Description

少儿街舞初级课专为热爱舞蹈的孩子们设计,通过动感十足的街舞教学,培养孩子们的节奏感、协调性和创造力。街舞以其自由奔放的风格和多变的动作深受孩子们的喜爱。我们的课程从基础舞步学起,由浅入深,增强孩子们的体质和自信心。 2024年秋季班:10.08.2024 - 23.12.2024,共15次,每次1小时。11月2日无课 时间:16:30 - 17:30, 周六 年龄:8-14岁 %包括年度舞台表演 + 课程名额:8 人/班 ” 授课语言:中/英 # 课程难度:初级 The junior street dance beginner class is designed for children who love dancing. Through dynamic street dance teaching, it cultivates children's sense of rhythm, coordination, and creativity. Street dance is beloved by children for its free and lively style and versatile movements. Our course starts with basic dance steps, progresses step by step, and enhances children's physical fitness and confidence. 2024 Autumn Class: 10.08.2024 - 23.12.2024, a total of 15 sessions, each lasting 1 hour. No class on November 2nd. Time: 16:30 - 17:30, Saturday Age: 8-14 %Include annual stage performance + Course quota: 8 people/class ” Teaching language: English # Course difficulty: Elementary

Upcoming Sessions

Annual Show Policy

Cancellation Policy The following terms apply to seasonal courses (15 sessions): If you are a new member in the course, the first lesson is a tryout. New members will be charged full tuition if you continue after the first lesson. If you have attend the same course before, you will receive the invoice before the course starts. If the course is canceled (due to a lack of participants, for instance), you will be refunded the course fee in full by BY Dance Studio. 取消政策 以下条款适用于季度课程(15次): 如果您是季度课程的新学员,学期的第一节课为免费试听课。新学员将会在试听课后,并继续课程,再支付季度课费用。 如果您选择通过发票支付并已在之前的学期参加过课程,您将在课程开始前收到账单。 如果课程被取消(例如由于参与者不足),您将由BY舞蹈工作室全额退还课程费用。

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