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2023 Autumn Seasonal Courses

Chinese dance course (4-6y, 7-15y, Adults)

K-p0p dance course (16y+, Adults)

Latin dance (Adults)

Our Mission

BY  Dance Studio was founded in 2022 by two passionate senior dancers. BY Dance is dedicated to developing professional and unique dance experiences, meanwhile creating new dances. In 2023, we offer Chinese dance courses,

K-pop dance courses, and Latin dance courses for people of different ages. 

We welcome you to enroll in our courses and experience the difference with BY dance.

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Our teachers are talented, enthusiastic, professional, and experienced in the art of dance, as well as teaching. Our goal is to create a fun and professional learning environment for everyone, regardless of skill level and age. We strive to offer our students the best possible dance experience.


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Bobo has been learning/performing Chinese dance since she was a child. She has been performing/teaching Chinese dance in Finland for over ten years.

Dance combines emotion and skills. Chinese dance is rooted in Eastern culture and history, which describes the scene and tells the "story" with its unique technics.


Jingyi has been dancing since she was a child, which made her an experienced dancer/instructor. She specializes in Latin dance. She is the one in charge of Latin and K-Pop dance courses in 2023.

Dance is the answer, because when you dance and you really get into the dance, you lose yourself, you forget everything, what you revolved in is the ‘now’ and the ‘now’ is blissful.

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